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Emergency Fire Damage Services at a local Clay County Medical Facility

5/6/2022 (Permalink)

Fire damage in an employee bathroom after a fire Fire and smoke damage last a lot longer than flames do and can be devastating to your commercial property.

Over the weekend we got an emergency call from an eye clinic that suffered from a fire. The initial flames started and were confined to the employee restroom, but as we often see with fire damage, the damage spreads beyond just the source site. A fire needs oxygen-fuel heat to exist, so when an item burns, it gives off gases, small particles of suspended matter, and aerosols. The particles and aerosols are visible smoke, smoke follows the airflow of the structure, depositing soot and smoke damage throughout the property. 

Because of this, there were multiple areas of the facility that needed fire damage restoration services. Our technicians started by removing any debris and completing any necessary demolition, they then clean and wipe down all surfaces that were covered with smoke or soot residues. That means all walls, floors, contents, medical equipment, and 300+ pairs of eyeglasses. Since the smoke traveled through the air duct system, a duct cleaning was needed to restore proper and clean airflow to the facility. Wiping down all surfaces can be a timely process as different surfaces require different techniques and cleaning methods, and may require several passes. 

Since this loss occurred on a Saturday, our team worked through the day and night Saturday and Sunday so that the office would be able to open and see scheduled patients that Monday morning. At SERVPRO of South Fleming Island/ North Bradford County, we strive to minimize business disruption when it comes to navigating commercial water and fire damage because we know that lost time or downtime means a loss in business and income. Our crews will work around your business hours and need to complete the work, in this case, it was working through the weekend to get the facility ready to open on Monday, cease work for the workweek, then pick up again over the weekend. 

Fire damage restoration can help restore your commercial property to pre-fire condition, but it’s important to act fast to get fire remediation specialists out as quickly as possible to address the damage. If you find yourself dealing with commercial property fire damages, trust SERVPRO of South Fleming Island/ North Bradford County, and our professional fire remediation services that we’re known for. With immediate emergency service 24/7, call us at 904-290-4040 and our trained fire technicians will be there to restore your commercial property damaged by fire.

February is Responsible Pet Owners Month! Learn How To Incorporate Pets Into Your Emergency Plans!

1/31/2022 (Permalink)

Pet alert window decal with information to aid in rescue Having a pet alert decal in your window can help firefighters in the event your pets are still in the home!

Did you know that February is Responsible Pet Owners Month? As pet owners, we never want to imagine a situation where our furbabies are in danger, but according to the American Red Cross, an estimated 500,000 pets are affected by fires annually and about 1,000 home fires are accidents caused by pets each year. While we cannot predict when a disaster is going to strike, we can plan and prepare for it.
The most loving thing we can do is plan ahead just in case, and include our pets in family emergency plans. By following the steps below, you can begin to prepare for an emergency situation.

Take Safety Precautions:

  • Check that you have multiple smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors in your home, they are functioning correctly and that you change the batteries twice a year.

  • Make sure your pet is wearing a collar with proper identification and to date license in case you get separated during an emergency

Protection if Your Not Home:

We would hope that should an emergency situation occur, we would be home to get our pets to safety, but you should take precautions in case you're not home and your pet is alone when a fire starts.
If possible, keep your pet near an exit so they have a better chance of getting out, use a pet gate to keep them in a designated area by an exit
Keep collars on and leashes nearby
Get a pet fire sticker to hang in your front window to alert firefighters that you have pets inside. The sticker will have a list of important information like the number of pets, type of pets, and contact information

Plan Your Escape Route:

Your fire safety plan should start with identifying all of the possible exits and then planning your evacuation route. Note things like if the front door is blocked, which window could be used as an exit and then have a designated meeting spot outside the home that is a safe distance from the fire.
A few things to note when planning for a pet is knowing your pet's hideaway spots.

  • Do they have a favorite spot or somewhere they retreat to in chaos? Start there.

  • Keep a pet emergency kit handy with a leash, carrier, food for your pet, and any needed medications, but ensure it is not blocking an exit.

  • Designate a family member to be in charge of evacuating with the pets

  • Practice fire drills with your pet

We love our pets like family, but it is important to remember that we shouldn't put our lives, or family members' lives in danger during a fire. If for whatever reason you are unable to quickly locate your pet during a fire and the area is unsafe, you must evaluate immediately. Once you are safely out of the house, do not go back in for any reason, notify the fire department that there are pets inside and let the professionals handle them.

Plan a Place to Stay:

Unfortunately, if your home suffers from fire damage there is a chance that your home may be uninhabitable for a while. Plan ahead to ensure that you have a safe, pet-friendly place for your pet to stay in the meantime, it could be a friend, family member, neighbor, or pet-friendly hotel.

Prevent your Pets from Starting Fires:

A big part of your pet fire safety plan should be eliminating and preparing for potential fire safety risks.

  • If your home has a fireplace, consider getting a pet gate to ensure they keep a safe distance.

  • Candles: curious puppies and playful kittens can easily knock over a candle and not only injure themselves, but also start a fire. Never leave a lit candle unattended with a pet, even for a minute. Consider switching to battery-operated, flameless candles.

  • Stovetops and ovens: Pet's accidentally turning stove knobs is the leading cause of pet-generated house fires. If your pet can reach it, they can touch it so consider protective covers to gating off the kitchen.

  • Electrical cords: pets are playful and sometimes they may think that an electrical cord or extension cord is a chew toy, secure all wires and cords.

Unfortunately, even if you do routinely practice fire safety and prevention techniques with your pets, fires still happen, resulting in significant water and fire damage. When that happens, you can count on your local SERVPRO of South Fleming Island/ North Bradford County to mitigate fire and water damage losses. 

Fire damage restoration can help restore your home to pre-fire condition, but it’s important to act fast to get fire remediation specialists out as quickly as possible to address the damage. If you find yourself dealing with fire damage, trust SERVPRO of South Fleming Island/ North Bradford County, and our professional fire remediation services that we’re known for. With immediate emergency service 24/7, call us at 904-290-4040 and our trained fire technicians will help restore your home to preloss condition. 

Keep Your Clay County Home Fire-Free This Holiday Season!

11/12/2021 (Permalink)

While house fires can happen any time of year, the holiday season can introduce new hazards that can increase the risk of fire. From decorations to cooking mishaps, many dangers can arise as you prepare for the festivities.

From 2014-2018 the National Fire Protection Association reports that U.S fire departments were called to an average of 172,900 home structure fires due to cooking disasters, with the number of home fires caused by cooking peaking at an average of 470 fires each day. With the holiday season approaching, SERVPRO of South Fleming Island/ North Bradford County is here to offer some cooking fire safety tips to keep you, your family, and your home safe this Thanksgiving! 

1. Never leave food unattended on a range or cooktop. That’s where 61 percent of home cooking fires start.

2. Never cook on the stovetop when you are sleepy or intoxicated.

3. Use a timer to remind yourself that you are cooking.

4. Keep anything flammable – potholders, wooden utensils, towels, curtains, food wrapping – away from the stovetop.

5. If you must leave the kitchen for any period of time, turn off the stove.

We know that even with the utmost safety practices, that accidents can still happen. If your home sustains fire damage, the restoration experts at SERVPRO of South Fleming Island/ North Bradford County can return your home to its former glory. In addition to handling fire damage and restoration, we also handle smoke and mold removal as well as water damage restoration. To learn more about these services or to schedule a free estimate, call our office at 904-290-4040

How To Prevent Fires While Cooking

10/6/2021 (Permalink)

Cooking is the number one cause of house fires. Unsafe cooking can cause fire damage, which is what happened to this kitchen. Cooking is the number one cause of house fires. Unsafe cooking can cause fire damage, which is what happened to this kitchen.

As Fire Prevention Week comes to an end, SERVPRO of South Fleming Island/ North Bradford County wants to remind you to stay safe while cooking, which is the number one cause of house fires. Cooking fires can happen to anyone, but there are ways to avoid them that you can make part of your everyday cooking practices.  

First off, you should never leave the cooktop unattended while cooking - no matter what. If you must leave, either turn the stove top off or find someone to watch over the cooktop in your absence. 

As far as clothing goes, short, close-fitting, or rolled sleeves are best so that your clothes are out of the way and don’t catch anything that could potentially burn the fabric and start a fire.

It is also extremely important to have an extinguisher nearby in case of any emergencies so that you can try to put the fire out. Remember to call 911 first for help because you never know how fast a fire can grow and get out of hand. The faster the response the better. 

Another tip that may not come to mind right away is to not store anything in your oven. It may seem like a convenient place to store things, like a meal you want out of the way, a desert, or maybe even cook books, but this is a terrible idea. These items are easily forgotten and when the oven is turned on again and preheating, these items can catch on fire. It is much better to be safe than sorry.

It is important that your cooking areas are kept clean of flammable materials like splattered grease, food wrappers, or oven mitts. When these items are in unpredictable and inconsistent places, they may end up too close to a burner and catch on fire. A cookbook may be placed on a burner that you thought was off or had cooled down but hadn’t and start a fire. Whether you believe the stovetop is on or off, it is good practice to not use it as a resting place for anything. 

Treat fires appropriately. This means that it is important to know what content is burning. If it is food burning, water is sufficient to put it out. However, if it is grease that is burning, water may only turn to steam and become a hazard. For that reason, grease fires should be smothered with a lid, not treated with water. Microwave fires should be responded to by turning the microwave off and waiting for the flames to die out completely. Opening the microwave door will only allow more oxygen to fuel the flame.  

How To Prevent Fires: Fire Prevention Week Tips

10/5/2021 (Permalink)

Fire Prevention Week is the perfect time to put in practices that will help you avoid fire damage. Fire Prevention Week is the perfect time to put in practices that will help you avoid fire damage.

It’s Fire Prevention Week! SERVPRO of South Fleming Island/ North Bradford County wants to help you prevent fires from happening in the first place with some quick tips. 

  • Test your smoke alarms regularly. Most of the time this can be done by simply pressing the test button on the alarm. The volume at which it beats will help you determine whether or not you need to change the batteries; if the beep is weak and quiet, you should change it immediately. Neglecting to change the batteries of smoke alarms can cause tragedies. 
  • Inspect all your heating sources & keep them clean. Heating sources that are unclean or not functioning correctly can trigger a fire as well. Air filters should be cleaned regularly and space heaters need to be positioned in danger-free zones. Food and crumbs must be kept away form burners, as well as dish towels, cookbooks, curtains, and oven mitts. 
  • Don't leave your kitchen while cooking. A fire can start in a matter of seconds, so leaving something cooking on the stove or baking in the oven is not a good idea. If you must leave, either turn the stove or oven off or find someone who can watch your masterpiece in the meantime. In addition to this, do not store items inside the oven. They may become forgotten and cause a fire when started again. 
  • Aside from cooking, it is important to maintain your dryer by cleaning out the lint trap every load and getting it checked yearly. Another place to check for lint and miscellaneous items is behind the dryer. Items can collect and heat up behind there and become a potential threat. 
  • Make sure all the cords in your home are not frayed or chewed so as to not start an electrical fire. Make sure they are placed in areas where they are less likely to overheat, and avoid putting the cord underneath rugs or where the cord is snug between items. 
  • Be safe with flammable items. Make sure you blow out your candles before leaving the house or going to bed, and only light them on hard, steady surfaces raised from the floor where they are less likely to be knocked over. Fireplaces are another key to keep a close watch on. The sparks that fly could start a fire, so never leave the room unattended in which the fireplace is lit. 
  • Always have fire extinguishers close by in case of emergencies.

4th of July Firework Safety

7/1/2021 (Permalink)

3 fireworks for the 4th of July SERVPRO of South Fleming Island/ North Bradford County wishes you and your family a fun and safe 4th of July!

The 4th of July, Independence day is a day usually used to spend with friends and family, celebrating with picnics and barbecues, and of course, fireworks. But unfortunately, this fun celebration also comes with some danger and safety risks. Did you know that the 4th of July is the holiday that has the most fire-related incidents? According to the NFPA, more fires are reported on Independence Day than on any other day of the year, with more than half of those due to fireworks. 

Many of the 4th of July fire-related accidents can be avoided if proper safety precautions are used. Follow the tips below to ensure that you and your family have a safe and fun celebration this Independence Day: 

  • Check city and state laws for fireworks and avoid any illegal fireworks. 

  • When using fireworks, avoid loose-fitting clothing, but be properly clothed including protective eyewear and shoes.

  • Keep and hose and bucket of water close by to put out any stray flames. Hose down any fireworks that do not ignite and then let them sit for 15-20 minutes to ensure they are not delayed starters. After the required time has passed, soak them in the bucket of water for an additional 15-20 minutes before disposing of them. 

  • Make sure that the area where you are lighting off fireworks is free of hazards like bushes, dry grass, trees, decorations, and any other fire-hazardous materials. 

  • If you are consuming alcohol, it is crucial to not handle fireworks while under the influence of alcohol. Alcohol causes judgment impairment and could lead to a fire, other serious accidents.

Following this 4th of July firework safety tips will make it easier to ensure a safe, fun, and fire-free 4th of July for all. 

At SERVPRO of South Fleming Island/ North Bradford County, we understand that even when following safety guideless, accidents still happen. That is why we are here to help our local community in emergency situations 24/7/356. If you suffer from a fire and are seeking help for water and fire damage restoration, SERVPRO of South Fleming Island/ North Bradford County is here to help. Call our office at 904-290-4040 for emergency services or to schedule a free estimate.

3 Steps to Take If You Experience a House Fire

2/18/2021 (Permalink)

Home after fire damage getting reconstruction SERVPRO of South Fleming Island is your one stop shop for all your restoration and reconstruction needs. Call 904-290-4040 for a free estimate!

A home fire is an unexpected event that can turn your world upside down. However, fire restoration professionals can help you rebuild your property. There are a few essential steps that can quickly get you back into your home. Review the following tips to make the process easier as you recover.

How Should You Restore Your Home After Fire Damage?

1. Perform a Damage & Safety Assessment

Document all the damage to your home for your insurance carrier. They’ll use this information to determine what they’ll cover. However, leave the inspection to fire restoration professionals. Parts of the structure may be compromised or smoldering, and they’ll know how to move around safely. They’ll take pictures of the damage and formulate a plan to remove salvageable items and debris. 

2. Handle Damage Control

Have fire restoration professionals remove soot that could spread to untouched areas of the home. They’ll then clean any spilled water from the plumbing. This action will prevent mold growth, rotting wood framing, or rusting metal hardware. Standing water may also erode your home’s foundation, leading to widespread collapse, so they’ll dry it and cover exposed areas with moisture and vapor barriers.

3. Schedule Construction

Schedule reconstruction as soon as the debris is cleared. SERVPRO of South Fleming Island/ North Bradford County is your one stop shop for all your restoration and reconstruction needs. Our reconstruction professionals will seal any cracks in the foundation and reinforce the wood structure with more lumber. Once they’re confident that this frame will support the home, they’ll hang new drywall, repair roofing, and lay new flooring. Finally, plumbing, electrical, and refinishing services will restore your home to its original condition so that you and your family can move in.

If you’re looking for fire restoration professionals, contact SERVPRO of South Fleming Island/ North Bradford County. You can count on this reliable company when the unthinkable happens. They handle water extraction and mold remediation, biohazard cleanup, and storm damage restoration. Learn more about their services on their website, or call 904 290-4040 to ask any questions.

Protect what's important during an active fire!

1/14/2021 (Permalink)

Residential house fire SERVPRO is your local Fire / Smoke / Soot restoration and cleanup PRO's! Call us at 904 290-4040 for a free estimate!

How Can I Protect My Family in the Event of a Fire?

1. Include Everyone in the Planning Process

Schedule a family meeting for the entire household, even small kids. Go over exits points, responsibilities—such as who will grab emergency kits—and alternatives in case your original plan falls through. Encourage your family to ask questions and make recommendations of their own. Once you’ve finalized a plan, print several copies and hand them out to each family member. Additionally, tape a copy in common areas, such as the kitchen and living room, where it’s highly visible by all. 

2. Establish an Evacuation Route

There should be at least two established exits out of the home. Once outside, you and your family should follow the same route to a meeting place. The place you meet at should be in close proximity to your home, but not so close that you’re at risk of being injured by the fire. Make sure everyone knows this meeting place and how to get there. 

3. Make Sure Emergency Numbers Are Accessible

If your kids have mobile devices, emergency numbers should be stored. Older kids should also be taught to memorize important numbers, including the fire department or a trusted neighbor or family member’s cellphone digits. 

4. Practice Evacuating

In order for your plan to work, it’s essential to practice it at least a few times a year to make sure your family knows it well. Schedule practice sessions once every three or four months to coincide with testing your home’s fire alarms. This way, your children will know exactly how to take action and what to do in case a fire breaks out. 

The tips above will help keep you and your family safe during a fire. The team at SERVPRO of South Fleming Island / North Bradford Countyprovides 24/7 fire restoration services using specialized techniques for smoke and odor removal, water damage, and any other hazards associated with a house fire. Visit them online for a complete breakdown of their fire restoration process and call (904) 290-4040 to discuss your fire plan.

FAQ About Restaurant Fires

12/28/2020 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Restoration Advertisement SERVPRO of South Fleming Island / North Bradford County is your local fire / smoke / soot damage restoration professionals! (904) 290-4040

Fires cause a great deal of property damage to homes and businesses across the country every year. According to a 2017 report provided by the National Fire Protection Association, over a span of 4 years, more than 7,000 fires broke out annually in eating and drinking establishments. Unfortunately, this is one of the greatest risks you face as a restaurant owner. Below is a guide that will help you identify potential hazards, learn essential safety precautions, and understand proper fire restoration procedures.

What to Know Regarding Restaurant Fires

Why do most fires start?

Knowing what causes most restaurant fires will tell you where to focus your prevention efforts. Unsurprisingly, the largest percentage of fires in eating and drinking establishments are cooking-related. Deep fryers and ovens are especially dangerous due to a buildup of combustible oils, and flames can easily spread if they get into the exhaust system and ductwork. Gas leaks and electrical malfunctions, such as faulty wiring, ungrounded outlets, malfunctioning appliances, and worn out cords, also contribute to several fires.

What preventative measures can you take?

Install an automatic fire-suppression system in the kitchen and keep fire extinguishers in various locations around the restaurant. Have the exhaust system cleaned frequently to avoid grease buildup and wipe down cooking areas often. Schedule regular appliance inspections and keep an eye out for frayed cords, broken switch plates, and other hazards. Train your staff to use fire extinguishers correctly and store flammable liquids in well-ventilated spaces.

How should you prepare in the event of a fire?

It’s imperative that you’re prepared for a potential fire by having an action plan in place. You must be ready to shut off the gas and electrical power and have a designated evacuation route to get all staff and customers to safety without creating a more chaotic and dangerous situation. Make sure your employees know how to handle a fire by providing emergency training.

What do you do if there’s a fire in your restaurant?

In the aftermath of a fire, be sure to document all damage for your insurance company. Take photos and videos once it’s safe to go inside and begin the claims process. Then, contact a fire restoration company to begin the cleanup. They’ll have the appropriate equipment for addressing water damage, eliminating the lingering smoke smell, and renovating the property.

If your restaurant has been impacted by fire, trust SERVPRO of South Fleming Island / North Bradford County to get your business back up and running as quickly as possible. They provide prompt and effective fire restoration solutions that focus on minimizing damage and downtime. Backed by more than 50 years of industry experience, this locally-owned company is dedicated to helping home and business owners throughout NEFL successfully overcome unexpected disasters. Call (904) 290-4040 to request an estimate, or visit them online to learn more about their fire restoration services.

3 Tips to Prevent Pet-Related Fire Damage

12/17/2020 (Permalink)

Dog inside house by fireplace SERVPRO of South Fleming Island is your local full service restoration company! Here to help make it "Like it never even happened." 904-290-4040

Pets love to explore, so think twice any time there’s an open flame in your home. Their curiosity can sometimes lead to accidents and the need for fire restoration services. Whether you’re cooking breakfast or lighting candles, take preventive steps to ensure you and your pet stay safe.

How to Prevent Pet-Related Fires

1. Use Flameless Candles When Possible

A cat or dog may easily tip over a lit candle and start a fire. Always purchase battery-powered, flameless options. Place them in jack-o’-lanterns on Halloween, buy an electric menorah for Hanukkah, or purchase scented options for your home. You’ll never have to worry about forgetting to blow out the flame before you go to bed.

2. Pet-Proof the Stove

Kitchens are the leading area for home fires, and many begin on the stove. Whether you have a gas or electric stove, never leave it unattended while using it. Pets may jump and knock a flammable item onto the burner or spill boiling water on themselves. Either remove the stove knobs when they aren’t in use or attach child-proof covers. These keep your pet from accidentally activating the burners and causing a fire.

3. Watch Electrical Wires

Electrical wires may look like a chew toy to pets. They can shock themselves when they break through the casing, and a spark could ignite flammable materials. String decorative lights out of reach, and cover floor cables with area rugs or furniture.

If you notice your pet inspecting electrical plugs or power strips, spray them with a no-chew spray. These bitter-tasting coatings will keep pets from biting twice. However, if your pet does cause any fire-related damage, immediately contact fire restoration services. 

Turn to SERVPRO of South Fleming Island / North Bradford County for all your fire restoration needs. This Florida company will work quickly to restore your home. They also serve commercial clients and handle emergency cleaning services, water damage, and mold remediation. Learn more on their website or call (904) 290-4040 to speak with a representative.

The Do's And Don't of Fire Damage Repair

12/7/2020 (Permalink)

Laundry room that suffered from fire damage Fire damage? Call the experts at SERVPRO of South Fleming Island/ North Bradford County 904-290-4040

A fire in your home can be devastating. When a fire first takes place, its important to ensure the safety of your family by relocating to a safe place. After your family is safe, you can begin to think about how you are going to get your home back in order.

Fire damage repair professionals will help assess your home. It is natural to feel helpless in this situation, but for your safety follow the do's and don'ts below.


Take pictures of the damage
Having a visual record of the fire damage will come in handy when you file your insurance claim. Instead of trying to remember how everything looked after the fire, you will be able to refer back to the pictures that you took. 

Call your insurance agent
Insurance claims can take months or even years to fully process, which means you will want to get the process started as soon as possible. The faster you know what the course of action is, the faster you can contact fire damage professionals to restore your home. 

Wear gloves if you must enter the home
If you need to enter the home to gather your home's deed, insurance documents or other important paperwork, be sure to wear gloves. The soot on fabrics and ashes from the items can linger on your hands and lead to irritation if you touch your eyes, nose or mouth before having the chance to wash your hands. 


Enter Your home until it is safe 
Your home may appear to be structurally sound, but there is no guarantee that damage has not been done somewhere that you cannot see. Do not enter the home until it has been inspected and deemed safe by fire damage professionals. 

Try to clean the walls and floors yourself
Trying to clean soot off your walls and off of your carpets is more complicated than everyday cleaning supplies can handle. 

Turn on any electronics 
The hardware and wires of your computers, TVs, phones and other electronics may have suffered damage in the fire. The home's electrical system may be compromised as well. For your safety, consult with an electrician before turning on any electronics or light switches. 

If your home has sustained severe fire damage, the team at SERVPRO of South Fleming Island/ North Bradford County will work hard to restore your home and belongings. In addition to fire restoration, SERVPRO of South Fleming Island/ North Bradford County also provides water and storm damage services, as well as mold mitigation. Visit the website to browse all the offerings or call us at 904-290-4040 for help! 

Fire Safety Tips for the Holidays

11/25/2020 (Permalink)

While house fires can happen any time of year, the holiday season can introduce new hazards that can increase the risk of fire. From decorations to cooking mishaps, many dangers can arise as you prepare for the festivities. Although fire damage can often be repaired when house fires are controlled, here are a few preventative measures to take during the holidays.

Be Cautious in the Kitchen

According to the NFPA, cooking is the main cause of home fires and injuries, with Thanksgiving being the peak day for cooking-related fire emergencies. 

  • Never leave cooking food unattended. Stay in the kitchen while frying, grilling, or broiling food
  • Check food regularly while cooking, use a timer as a reminder that the stove or oven is on
  • Keep anything flammable like potholders, oven mitts, wooden utensils, paper or plastic bags, food packaging, and towels away from the stove, oven, or other appliances that generate heat. 

Use Candles Safely

Fires caused by candles peak in December. While these decorations can add ambiance and a pleasant aroma to your home, they also present serious fire risks.

  • Keep burning candles in a safe space where pets and children can’t knock them over.
  • Set a timer on your phone to remember when to blow them out.
  • Battery-operated flameless candles are safer alternatives that still produce a warm, atmospheric glow.

Follow Instructions With Lights & Decorations

Whether you’re stringing lights inside or outside your home, follow instructions carefully.

  • Avoid stringing more than three strands together at once so you don't overwhelm your outlet and cause electrical fires.
  • only use outdoor lights outside your home, as these withstand the elements better than lights designed for indoor use.

You can also prevent fire damage by practicing tree safety. While Christmas tree fires are rare, minimize the risk by keeping your tree watered and disposing of it promptly after the holidays.

If your home sustains fire damage, call SERVPRO of South Fleming Island/ North Bradford County at 904-209-4040 and we will make it "Like it never even happened.

3 ways to avoid fire hazards this Halloween

10/30/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Halloween themed Advertisement SERVPRO of South Fleming Island / North Bradford County is here to help! Available 24/7 365 days a year, we can be reached at (904) 290-4040!

Halloween is almost here, bringing ghosts and ghouls to your doorstep, and allowing you to deck your house out in spooky decorations. While this is the perfect time to decorate your home, it’s important to use safe decoration practices to prevent the need for fire restoration services. Since two out of five Halloween fires occur because of improperly placed decorations, it’s best to ensure you avoid fire restoration by utilizing the following simple tips.

How to Prevent Halloween Fires

1. Skip Open Flames

Whether you’ve placed candles in pumpkins or paper-bag lanterns, open flames pose a significant risk. Unsupervised lit candles can easily be accidentally knocked over. The flames can spread fast, particularly if they’re near flammable items.

Instead, light up your yard and decorations the safe way using alternative methods, such as glow sticks or battery-operated candles. Always teach young trick-or-treaters to be cognizant of any open flames when collecting candy by encouraging them to stay away from the flames.

2. Use Dried Decorations Sparingly

While open flames pose a high threat, there are many other heat sources that can also start fires, particularly if they are surrounded by dried out decorations. Popular fall items like dried cornstalks, hay, flowers, and crepe paper are flammable and can catch fire when placed too closely to high-wattage light bulbs or portable heaters.

Make sure if you use any dried Halloween decorations that they are placed away from any heat source and use them sparingly to prevent accidents.

3. Don’t Block Doorways

Halloween fires can also occur in your home if you decorate the interior. While you may be tempted to decorate doorframes using fake cobwebs and paper streamers, this can actually make it more difficult to exit the home if a fire does break out.

Keep obstructive decorations to inner walls and out of hallways, windows, and doorways, leaving an open path to exit the home in the event of a fire.

If you’ve experienced the damage fires can cause and want a reliable professional to help you with the fire restoration process, contact SERVPRO of South Fleming Island / North Bradford County. In addition to fire repair services, this team also offers water extraction, storm damage restoration, and emergency cleaning. To learn more about their services, visit them online or call (904) 290-4040.

Fire Damage Restoration PROs at SERVPRO of South Fleming Island / North Bradford County!

9/11/2020 (Permalink)

Before SERVPRO performs fire damage restoration Fire damage can be devastating, make sure to call the professionals to make it "Like it never even happened." (904) 290-4040!

If your home or business has recently experienced a disaster, you might be scrambling to figure out what to do next to restore your belongings and property. Fire damage can be particularly troublesome, especially if the damage is throughout your property. SERVPRO of South Fleming Island / North Bradford County is proud to be the local's choice for emergency cleaning services, including fire damage repair, mold remediation, and water damage restoration.

The professionals at SERVPRO offer expert fire restoration, including these services:

  • First Steps After The Fire: The immediate moments following a disaster can be the most stressful. SERVPRO of South Fleming Island / North Bradford County will arrive at your home or business on the same day of the event, regardless of the size of the fire.
  • Expert Knowledge: Each member of the team is well-versed in all aspects of residential and commercial restoration. Whether it's upholstery damage, odor control, or smoke issues, they will quickly restore your property back to normal.
  • Restoration Method: SERVPRO of South Fleming Island / North Bradford County is a locally-owned company with national resources. Their policy is to perform fire restoration first, before replacing every damaged item which can quickly rack up costs.
  • Personalized Service: All fire restoration situations are different so your fire damage repair service will be catered to your specific needs. Even if this means additional clean-up, managing insurance paperwork, or simply a friendly ear to listen to your concerns, SERVPRO will be there to help.

SERVPRO of South Fleming Island / North Bradford County truly cares about the communities they serve and will work quickly after a fire to restore your property. Visit us online or give us a call at 904 290-4040 for a free estimate.

Fire Safety tips for your commercial building!

9/2/2020 (Permalink)

Fire extinguisher hanging on wall SERVPRO of South Fleming Island/North Bradford County is here to help with Fire damage restoration and cleanup! (904) 290-4040 Call for free estimate!

Every office building has some degree of fire risk, no matter what type of business occupies the space or the size of the staff. Whether you have a small office with a smaller sized staff, or you're in a commercial building with hundreds of employees, taking some preventive fire safety measures in your office will protect your employees and your business’s assets. These precautions can help save lives and dramatically reduce the amount of fire restoration and smoke and soot removal and cleanup that is required after an emergency.

How to Practice Fire Safety in the Office

1. Install Fire Extinguishers

Fire codes require businesses to install fire extinguishers in their office buildings. Different industries and locations have different guidelines, so check the regulations for your business to ensure you are following these standards.

Offices should generally be equipped with water and foam extinguishers that are stored no more than 75 feet apart. Kitchens should have a Class K rated extinguisher. Extinguishers should be easily visible, with the top no more than 5 feet from the ground.

2. Educate Your Team

Touch base with your staff every six months about fire prevention and safety. For example, highlight the dangers of smoking close to the building or discarding still-lit cigarette butts into flammable materials such as trash bins or dry leaves. Show your employees the safe routes out of the building, the locations of pull alarms, and how to use the extinguishers.

3. Use Fireproof Storage

If the unthinkable does happen and a fire burns your building to the ground, you don’t want all of your business’s files and data to be lost. Install fireproof safes and filing cabinets to protect important files. When possible, store digital information securely in the cloud or on off-site servers. Fire restoration can restore your building, but it is this preventive measure that will protect your data.

If disaster does occur, the fire restoration team at SERVPRO of South Fleming Island / North Bradford County is here to help. This locally owned and operated business has highly trained technicians and state-of-the-art equipment for efficient fire damage repair and cleanup for any sized building complex. They will handle every aspect of your restoration, from water damage that put out the fire, to adding the finishing touches to your restored building. Learn more online or by calling (904) 290-4040.

Proud to make it "Like it never even happened."

Fire Damage Restoration Specialists

8/25/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO advertising fire damage restoration For help with fire, smoke, or soot damage; call the professionals at SERVPRO (904) 290-4040!

SERVPRO has been around since 1967. Since then, the SERVPRO brand has grown to more than 1,800 franchisees. Our staff is highly trained in all aspects of property damage restoration to trauma and crime-scene cleanup. From initial training's through our corporate training facility to IICRC certifications and in-house continuous educational courses, all of our staff is educated and trained to properly restore water, fire, storm and mold damage to industry standards. 

We train our employees at a pace they feel comfortable at. All of our employees have access to web-based training, where they hone in their skills and their knowledge of the restoration industry. Video presentations and support material are followed by a knowledge test after each module. This keeps our technicians and office staff updated on industry standards and the professional quality you expect and deserve. 

For help with fire, smoke, or soot damage; call the professionals at SERVPRO of South Fleming Island / North Bradford County at (904) 290-4040

3 helpful tips for creating a fire evacuation plan!

8/24/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO South Fleming Island is full of fire and water damage restoration experts SERVPRO of South Fleming Island is full of fire and water damage restoration experts! (904) 290-4040 24/7/365

From evacuating to dialing 9-1-1, a contingency plan will help reduce the amount of fire restoration work needed in the aftermath. We've put together 3 helpful tips for you if you suffer fire damage this summer. 

3 Elements of a Strong Fire Escape Plan for an Office

1. Designate Roles

The first step is to assign different roles in the fire response plan. First, name a person who is going to be in charge. Then, have them designate roles for remaining personnel. (If applicable)

There should be someone to alert the fire department (plus a fire restoration crew), someone to sound the alarm system, and others to direct employees out of the building. When everybody knows their role, the evacuation process will go much smoother than without having one. 

2. Label Routes

The next step is the important one. It’s crucial to establish the fastest and safest routes out of the building. Make sure everyone is aware of the contingency plan! Nobody plans on having a disaster, but we strongly suggest everyone has a plan.

Create multiple routes for exiting the building, in addition, make sure these routes are readily available to everyone, they should be labeled clearly throughout the entire building!

3. Rehearse

Conduct regular fire drills, this is a perfect way to test your contingency plan and make adjustments if necessary. It also allows others to rehearse their roles regarding the contingency plan. 

If your interested in having us create a professional contingency plan for you, give us a call today at (904) 290-4040 and ask about our ERP, Emergency Ready Program! We will create an emergency, or contingency plan, for you. By documenting all the exit routes, building structure, location of all the shut-off valves to the water, power, etc; we will know what plan of action to take before a disaster even happens.

If you need assistance with fire damage restoration/soot and smoke damage cleanup; look no further than SERVPRO of South Fleming Island / North Bradford County! They are ready to respond to emergencies 24/7! 

Fire Damage is Devastating..We Are Here to Help

8/11/2020 (Permalink)

fire damaged ceiling In the event of a residential or commercial fire, we are here to help.

If your home or business suffers from fire damage, it is devastating. Even a small fire can cause severe damage to property or personal belongings. Fires leave behind harmful soot and ash which is dangerous to inhale, especially for those with underlying respiratory issues. In the event of fire damage, call SERVPRO of South Fleming Island and North Bradford County

Although fire damage is not something most people think about, it is important to have a fire evacuation route in your home or business, and it is important to practice going through the evacuation route. Ensure that children know where to go if a fire occurs, and involve pets and all family members in fire drills so they will become familiar with them. 

Make sure all smoke detectors are functional and be proactive about fire prevention. Avoid leaving stoves, ovens, toasters and other kitchen appliances on after use. 

We are here to help 24/7, 365 days a year. Call us at (904)-290-4040!

Summer is coming...

5/8/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO fire damage advertisement Fire Damage? 904-290-4040!!

As summer approaches, it's time to consider safety precautions for extreme heat in the coming months. Heat affects everyone, but specifically the young, elderly, sick and overweight. Urban areas also have a greater chance of being negatively affected by extreme heat due to the "heat island effect."

According to the EPA, "the sun can heat dry, exposed urban surfaces, such as roofs and pavement, to temperatures 50-90 Degrees hotter than the air, while shaded or moist surfaces- often in more rural surroundings- remain close to air temperatures." These surface heat islands are strongest during the day when the sun is shining, while the atmospheric heat islands are more likely after sunset "due to the slow release of heat from urban infrastructure." 

During extreme heat waves, stay inside in your air condition if possible. Be sure to check on anyone outside such as children or pets frequently. Stay hydrated and limit alcohol and caffeine intake. If you work outdoors or need to go outdoors during a heat wave, wear loose-fitting, light-colored clothing and be sure to apply sunscreen! 

Pay attention to signs of heat exhaustion, pay attention to these for yourself and others. Signs of heat exhaustion are: heavy sweating, weakness, cold or pale skin, nausea or vomiting, and fainting, according to the CDC. 

Extreme heat is a serious danger. For more information on preparedness and prevention, visit 

Stay prepared, know who to call, SERVPRO of South Fleming Island/North Bradford County is available 24/7/365. (904) 290-4040

Want to be as prepared as possible? Call us and ask to speak to a marketing representative and we will help you set up an "Emergency Ready Plan!"